Down the drain!


I’ve warned many guest to watch the pack when they go to the washroom. And, they giggle.

Today a colleague showed me this. It must have been REALLY in there for the wire to snap… and once it snapped it must have been awkward fishing it out.

Pissed off and pissed on…


idle Idlers on tape decks

sometimes, there’s no hope for a tape… no matter what condition it’s in. After a few hours in the oven, this 499 is pretty much toast. If it were on an A80 or ATR it would play, but a machine like this MTR is flawed from the get go. May as well replace this part with a razor blade.


Wurli nightmare…

Quite possibly the WORST place a bobby pin could fall inside a Wurli



This Is So Easy

This Is So Easy

It’s not rocket science but the clever addition of a simple niche to the cable tie design! The Easy_to_Cut cable tie makes snipping off a tie easier and safer. Been there; done that – the pain of snipping of cable ties can lead to a whole lot things going wrong. For example, I have once managed to snip off the external cable that covers and protected my extension cord wire. Easy_to_Cut resolves these issues by providing a built-in niche into which the tip of a cutting implement’s blade can be inserted. Superb!

Easy_to_Cut is a 2012 red dot award: design concept winner.

Designers: Kim Seokhui, Kim Seongjin & Lee Jongsung

Read more at easy_to_cut3



Consolidating Hard drives


Practicing what I preach. Moving (14) drives into long term storage. Pulled all the backups out of the safety deposite box, and moved their contents move forward onto a 3TB hard drive.

Once it’s all checked for redundancies I will back it up to another drive off site.

For anyone nocking my non-antistatic plastic bags, I assure you they performed perfectly and will the next time I spin them up. Silica and a way for them to breath is fine.

This is client sessions, designs, pictures, documents, notes etc etc dating back to about 2001. I have Client DVD archives at home I don’t plan to move forward as it is mostly damaged and virus ridden from before I went all OSX.

Now I need to find a Hard drive shipping container from a computer store… Anyone?

20130126-142941.jpg20121010 - Creative Data

Show up to work

I show up to work and there’s a new console. It’s amazing how fast things can change when you look away for a few days.

Not the biggest proponent of digital desks, but this desk vs the M7CL it replaced is a HUGE improvement in sound quality. Now only if someone did a touchscreen Mod and software upgrade…20130122-171716.jpg

Studer A820 – 1″ 8 track

A definite dream machine… when it’s working

For sale on eBay now