Why I don’t allow Candles in a studio

I once had a candle spill on a console. This was the result


This was the first WBS ad I ever saw

WBS - Ad - Renaissance

I circled it in the 1997 Broadcast Technology Magazine (I was 14 years old) and this came in the mail

a blast from my past…

Cleaning up garage and I found a real blast from my past. This was the first mixer I ever bought, if I looked hard enough I think I could find the invoice…. This is a british – Star Sound Dynamix 216. I saved up for months delivering a 180 news paper route.

I was 12 when I bought it and probably 14 when I made the case. It’s worth nothing, but it’s impossible for me to let it go! When I got it there were missing knobs so I painted them. I did many shows and MANY recordings with it. A classic piece of crap, but without it I’d not be who I am now.


Best scraper I’ve ever held in my hands

I found these amazing scrapers and as a tool nerd I MUST SHARE. I scrape a lot of things… cleaning the fronts of gear, labels, smoothing surfaces etc etc…
Someone introduced me to these Nisaku blades. They have a flexible blade that bends when you puts pressure on the tool. I have been using a spoon for this purpose but once I saw these my technique is forever changed.

2013-03-12 11.06.17

Nisaku scraper 236_4


Nisaku scraper 2161