Super cool Philips console

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rom the sale:


Up for sale is a rare 1970’s Philips LDC25 console. The console features 24 transformer balanced mic/line inputs, great sounding 3 band EQ, 2 aux sends per channel and 4 transformer balanced output busses. 16 of the input channels are early discrete LDC modules and the last 8 feature later 1970’s IC based modules – both sets of modules sound, for all intents and purposes, identical. The sound of this desk is punchy, clean and very hi-fi sounding – easily on par with anything built by Neve/Api/Studer from the same era. These were built by Philips in Holland for recording mostly classical music, but were built to a very high standard and also sound fantastic on modern tracks which require a very forward sounding mix with a very low noise floor. I bought this to use as the main console in our studio due to the high build quality, high track count, compact size, multiple sends and versatile output options – but I need to raise money for the completion of our house restoration which takes priority to the studio build out. All the manuals and module documentation are included. The console will be fully gone through by a qualified technician prior to shipping and/or pickup. All input/output wiring is terminated to panel mounted XLR connectors, so all you need to do is connect the console to your DAW/tape machine and you are ready to record – no wiring necessary.
The console is located two hours west of Chicago in IL. I’m happy to assist with freight shipping, but please understand due to the fragile nature of vintage electronics any risk associated with shipping is going to be your responsibility. Local pickup is welcome. Payment by check or wire transfer only for this listing. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have. I hope this console finds a good home!

Moving stuff across the country

I most certainly had a busy “reading week”.  It started with finishing up a job My brother Mike started.  Moving 7 pallets of equipment from my moms garage in Saskatoon.    Followed by great visits with Family and friends.  I’m sorry I did not get the chance to meet with everyone I had planned to visit with.  Things got a little busy in the IT support world and there was so much family to visit!

Three consoles were packaged and palleted up for shipment across the country.

2014-10-21 11.04.36 2014-10-21 11.04.22-1
Custom made dollies were built for the two large sections of console frames.

2014-10-21 11.04.16

Modules were packed, boxed and palleted.  A small fortune in bubble wrap and pallet wrap were employed. 
2014-10-21 11.04.33-2This is the PSU for a console along with a 1″ Studer A80 8 track Recorder that was made transportable.
I’m excited to work on these projects again in my “Spare time”

Stay tuned for updates of what’s happening with this lot.  We’re very excited for what’s planned :-)