schadow switch mounting information

In the 70’s and into the 90’s WBS used a Schadow switch in almost every product they built. Different buttons required different offsets so “GOLDEN RULES” of design were made up so each engineer was on the same page. I found two of those pages the other day and was fascinated. These drawings are both done by hand and are admirable.

2014-06-27 18.41.15

2014-06-27 18.40.52

Going to re-manufacture some WBS daughter boards

As a part of my school program, I’ve decided to take a shot at re-designing 2 WBS components.

First the 4-110 mic pre-amp for the M460 – M461. In the 90s WBS redesigned the card using 5534 but I’m looking at something even more modern.

Second the 109 cards. While at Revolution Recording, Joe D redesigned his version of the 109 card and it was a HUGE improvement. He described it as “taking the cheese cloth off the audio” and he was right.

The idea is to have a plug and play module available for users with a few new features not incorporated in past designs.


Once they’re done I hope to have them for sale on


you know… I love this man and am forever in his debt.  He’s made laboratory grade audio equipment available to music / broadcast industry for many years and his standards and  interests have grown since his beginning.  Truly a childlike interest in pushing the boundaries of the craft he practices. He applies raw physics to sound and you should watch this as a whole to appreciate the brilliance of his passion and dedication.  

I’m glad someone as enthusiastic as Hutch Hutchison is at his side absorbing it all. (though he left RND)

Long live limitless analog technology!
Long live the passionate, curious and boundary pushing!
Long live Rupert Neve

20060723 – HVR ceiling fixture

In 2006 we (Myself and Andrew Waters) built a ceiling diffuser for the studio.  I’ve been doing some data backups and thought I’d share some pictures and info on the build.  The whole thing was made out of 2 X 4s and 3/4″ MDF.  I had a carpenter friend cut all the pieces
Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 2.07.24 PMThis was the proposed layout.  Using a “herringbone diffuser” design, a frame would hang from the ceiling with some turnbuckles.  Continue reading

Book recommendation: Audio Systems Design and Installation

ASDIcover br-500x500

This is a very well respected read as recommended to me by Neil Muncy.  At the time I was working for him (in exchange for books and resources) he would not let this one go.  Because this book was originally a short run it was available in limited quantities and the used market priced this book at 100$ – 300$  

The recently had an AES special where it was $20 off, but I think it’s a little past the promotion.  If you were to mail the publisher, they may honor it.

Mine is coming hot off the presses:


I have received your order for Audio Systems Design and Installation,
and will notify you as soon as the printer delivers the first copies.

I had been hoping that would be by Sept. 30, but the printer is still
adjusting proofs so it will likely take a bit longer.




A new member of the family: It’s a Gorton!

I’ve been restoring WBS consoles for about 10 years now, and I think I’ve just taken the art of what I love doing to the next level. I have acquired THE Gorton P1-2 used at the WBS factory. It was used for their custom buttons, and their early one off panels.
2013-04-25 20.58.58

This all began in 2009 while restoring a console. I was building a panel and wanted the exact engraving the factory did. This lead me to ask around and it turned out a past employee of WBS had the machine in his home shop. Fast forward 4 years and it’s got a new home in the Revolution Recording Custom Shop.

2013-04-25 17.55.43

2013-04-25 17.49.52

I do have some blank stock pender buttons, some ITT buttons and can get others.

AMS RMX-16 Delay

I was looking thought my archive and found this. It’s a programming sheet for an AMS RMX-16 delay unit. I think we have the scanning wands somewhere…

AMS RMX-16 Delay 16

I doubt this would ever work as the JPEG compression would really mess with the integrity of the bars and spaces