Way oil – Vactra 2

Helps eliminate chatter and stick-slip of slides and ways
Improves finish and quality of parts
Helps reduce wear and keeps sliding surfaces smooth, lubricated and clean


When you need oil for your machine, many types of oil will work – even motor oil. However, the best oil to use is oil designed specifically for lubricating machine ways. This type of oil has an additive that helps the oil stick to the surface.

Mobil Vactra Oil Numbered Series products are recommended for the lubrication of machine tool slideway systems. They are designed for use with combinations of cast iron, steel and non-metallic way materials. Mobil machine oil may be applied by hand, forced-feed lubricator or in flood application by circulation system.


Mobil Vactra Oil No. 2 is also suitable for circulating application in large machines and as a moderate duty hydraulic fluid. Mobil machine oil can be used for lubrication of ball screws, linear guides, headstocks, translating screws.

“Cutting oil is designed to flow TOWARDS the heat.
Way oil and motor oil flows AWAY from heat and smokes off more readily. You can probably use cutting oil for way oil, although that is not the most economical use for it”

Mobil-Vactra-Oil-No.-2 MSDS

Auction score – Baldor 500 cutter tool grinder

Item # Part description Part number 8″ Part number 10″ Part number 12″ Part number 14″
*1 Guard (right hand) G8FH1800A01SP G0FH1806A01 G2FH1804A01 G4FH1800A01
*2 Guard (left hand) G8FH1802A01SP G0FH1807A01SP G2FH1805A01 G4FH1801A01
*3 Guard cover (right hand) G8FH1801A01SP G0FH1805A01SP G2FH1806A01 G4FH1802A01
*4 Guard cover (left hand) G8FH1803A01SP G0FH1804A01 G2FH1807A01 G4FH1803A01
*5 Tool rest
(right hand or left hand) G8AP1003A01SP G8AP1003A01SP G2AP1002A01SP G2AP1002A01SP
*6 Tool rest support
(right hand or left hand) HA6099A01SP HA6101A01SP HA6049A01SP HA6049A01SP
7 Arbor nut (left hand) XY7510A62SP XY8809A62SP XZ2007A62SP XZ2007A62SP
*8 Spark arrestor G6AP1002A01SP G0AP1002SP G2AP1001 G2AP1001
9 Wound stator assembly Specify spec. no. Specify spec. no. Specify spec. no. Specify spec. no.
10 Rotor with shaft & bearings,
(less nuts & flanges) Specify spec. no. Specify spec. no. Specify spec. no. Specify spec. no.
11 Endplate
(right hand or left hand) G8EP3900A01SP G8EP3900A01SP G2EP1900A01 G4EP1900A01
12 Bearing BG6206E03 BG6206E03 BG6208E03 BG6309E03
13 Wheel flange, inside or outside HA6098 HA6100SP HA6051SP HA6051SP
14 Arbor nut (right hand) XY7510A12SP XY8809A12SP XZ2007A12SP XZ2007A12
15 Base G8BA3000A01 G8BA3000A01 G2BA1000A01 G4BA1000A01
16 Switch on – off (single phase) SP9000SP SP9000SP None None
16A Switch on – off (three phase) SP9004 SP9004 None None
N/S Base cover G8CB4500A02 G8CB4500A02 G2CB4500 None
N/S Cord & plug (single phase) LD5001A02 None None None
N/S Capacitor, electrolytic
(single phase) None None ECI645A06SP None
N/S Starter bracket None None Specify spec. no. Specify spec. no.
N/S Starting relay (single phase) None None RE5019 None
N/S Capacitor (oil type)
(single phase) Specify spec. no. Specify spec. no. None None
17 Thru bolts HA3100A14 HA3100A14 HA3104A13 HA3104A14
N/S Rubber feet RM1005A01SP RM1005A01SP None None
**N/S Bearing retainer RB3010 RB3010 RB1029A01 RB1028A01
**N/S Vinyl cap to cover arbor nut RM1010A06 RM1010A05SP RM1010A07 RM1010A07
**N/S Spacer HA2048A01SP HA2050A01 None None
*18 Grinding wheel –

Elgin lathe collet closer – looking for part

I met a fellow who bought my turret and he sold me the main parts of a rare collet closer for my Elgin hardinge lathe

He was kind enough to make a drawing of one of the parts needed to make it close.   The drawing is for a similar part so it can’t be created from the drawing.

If you have the part I need, I’d love a scale sketch!

Thanks Tom