Elgin lathe collet closer – looking for part

I met a fellow who bought my turret and he sold me the main parts of a rare collet closer for my Elgin hardinge lathe

He was kind enough to make a drawing of one of the parts needed to make it close.   The drawing is for a similar part so it can’t be created from the drawing.

If you have the part I need, I’d love a scale sketch!

Thanks Tom



Tool post and Holder

Piston Type Tool Post & Tool Holder Sets For 12″ Lathe
Complete with 5 quick change tool holders
Turning and facing: 3/16″ – 1/2″ tool bit
Boring, turning and facing: 7/16″ shank
Heavy duty boring bar: 5/8″ shank
Knurling, turning and facing: 3/16″ – 1/2″ tool bit
Easy tool set up to speed production
Weight: 5.5kg.


Hardinge Lathe 204 frame Motor

Looking to replace the 204 frame motor I watched my favorite teach on the subject

and that pointed me to the plate on the motor I have

Reading deeper into this, this is an OLD style of motor frame. 204 Stopped being used in 1953… Of course, mine is a discontinued motor frame…

Looking more at this I see the 203 and the 204 frames are similar it’s the screw mounting width that is different. I think an adapter plate could work. The only dimension that matter is D and U. U is 3/4″ so the center of the motor must be 5″ from the bottom of the plate. Obviously P must be smaller or equal. Watch out for the boxes that stick off the side for the wiring to enter.


A D of 5″ is no longer a standard. The closest D is 4.5″ that leaves 1/2′ for an adapter plate.

All the newer motors have 7/8 shaft meaning the pully will also need to be changed. The 145T looks interesting… Some shopping:


There is hope.

There are also sexy stainless steel motors….

there are charts for the motor mount brackets: