Book recommendation: Audio Systems Design and Installation

ASDIcover br-500x500

This is a very well respected read as recommended to me by Neil Muncy.  At the time I was working for him (in exchange for books and resources) he would not let this one go.  Because this book was originally a short run it was available in limited quantities and the used market priced this book at 100$ – 300$  

The recently had an AES special where it was $20 off, but I think it’s a little past the promotion.  If you were to mail the publisher, they may honor it.

Mine is coming hot off the presses:


I have received your order for Audio Systems Design and Installation,
and will notify you as soon as the printer delivers the first copies.

I had been hoping that would be by Sept. 30, but the printer is still
adjusting proofs so it will likely take a bit longer.




2009 microphone cart

While visiting a friends studio (The Avenue Recording Company) I was happy to notice an old microphone cart I’d built for Tanda Recording.  The cart was designed to keep clutter down and be able to slide between the room partitions.  It was extremely well then and keeps working today.  There are two side compartments that remove and a bottom one for larger items. 
2013-09-29 12.32.57

2013-09-29 12.33.23Compartments taken out.  The compartments were great for keeping the mic clips and stere bars etc etc

2013-09-29 12.33.28The bottom case was great to stash round basses and goose necks

2013-09-29 12.47.18

A word of advice if you want to build a cart like this: The real trick to this cart is its depth.  We had a similar cart at a theatre I worked for; we were always breaking off adjustment knobs on the bottom of the stands.  If the depth of the holes is too much putting the stands in can snap the adjustment screws right off.

When in doubt: fuck it, paint it black.

Adapter of the day

I was doing a gig on the weekend and was Introduced to an adapter that saved the gig. We had an in ear monitor that was buzzing, the feed was coming from the truck line level from the output of the clear-com. Right from the truck, at the panel on the outside, there was noise in the cue box. So instead of feeding that line level from the truck I thought it would be nice to send an IFB (clear com) to a TR-50 then Sennheiser IEM transmitter at ‘somewhat line level’. The truck engineer said “Hey there is a clear-com to Line level adapter in the truck, a Drier” Lo-and-behold it saved the feed and delivered a perfect noise free signal to the talents IFB. If anyone knows what’s inside please let me know, kinda curious.

We added a transformer for added isolation.

It’s not to dis-similar to

2013-09-20 18.58.372013-09-20 18.58.13

I will be presenting something interesting…

Hey folks I’ve have a very interesting announcement: I will be presenting an invention I’ve never showcased in public at the AES Toronto “Members Showcase of Gadgets and Projects night”. I can’t promise a revolution but I can promise something interesting and inspiring.

If you had nothing to do on Tuesday the 24th, would greatly appreciate the support if you were to show up!

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 10.12.10 PM

I will be posting something following the meeting.

I was going through my old wallet contents…

I was going through my old wallet contents When I found and old rate card for my studio. Each of use carried the card so we knew exactly what discounts and perks were when talking about packages. The taxes were included in the package price, Perks were back line, Drum Kits, and Mastering discounts. It was nice to pull this card out and share it with prospective clients. Good old sales tricks.

2013-09-08 19.05.56

Making snakes for a Patching system


We Built some 24 Channel snakes from some re-claimed Blenden Bundles.  All the EDACs were de-pinned and re-inserted into a 90 pin housing.  The other end has been cut to length and re-prepped into various configurations. Dave got some really good practice on this build and his chops have come a long way in a very short time.
2013-09-05 18.18.59

2013-09-05 18.19.07

2013-09-05 18.19.12

2013-09-05 18.19.25

2013-09-05 18.19.32

2013-09-05 18.19.38

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 10.36.20 PM


To give you more of an idea of what’s going on in the patchbay here is the design preliminary that’s ever changing and evolving!

20130804 – New EDACs on patchbays

After a few weekend hours Dave and I finished the EDAC first rounds of EDAC to TT patch bays!


Four patch bays are needed for this project.  They started as standard Horizontally aligned EDAC connectors but with 4 stacked on top of one another and a cable standard of downward hanging EDAC connectors the back needed to change.  With this staggered setup,  the cables will hang in line with no interference.


All of the EDACs were wire wound internally


Every connector was unique in design and layout.  IMG_6622


Here is the finished re-arrangement with the new ground bus wires coming out the side.  I may still add grounding posts to the back of the panels…