2 months until xmas… Sound guy xmas gift idea #1

Xmas is around the corner. My family has always complained about buying gifts for a sound guy. In an effort to simplify the search and beat the rush I will be posting some ideas that you may also share in hope you land what you want.

Sound guy xmas gift idea #1

What: New Mac Pro
why: Well this one is an obvious one just in time for the holidays. What is there to say… it comes with free shipping!
Where: http://store.apple.com/ca/buy-mac/mac-pro

Screenshot 2013-10-25 22.22.32

Screenshot 2013-10-25 22.22.44

Screenshot 2013-10-25 22.19.59

Screenshot 2013-10-25 22.20.12

Schoeps at AES

This looks and probably sounds amazing!

from: http://www.schoeps.de/en/products/v4u
Studio Vocal Microphone V4 U

Studio Vocal Microphone
New small-diaphragm capsule architecture, with bevelled collar for controlling the polar response.
Warm, clear sonic character with smoothly rolled-off diffuse-field response.
Capsule head with adjustable tilt angle.
Optimal on-axis frequency response featuring a mild high-frequency lift.
Very smooth polar response; carefully-controlled narrowing of the pattern at high frequencies.
Diffuse-field response parallel to the 0 ° response, with a gentle roll-off at high frequencies.
Newly designed electronics offer a very high maximum sound pressure level.

V4 U Studio Vocal Microphone
The V4 U is the studio vocal microphone by SCHOEPS.
It unites the outstanding technical characteristics typical of SCHOEPS with a timeless, classic design.

The “look” of the V4 U is based on the SCHOEPS CM 51/3 from 1951. But the V4 U is a thoroughly modern studio microphone. Its capsule, circuitry and mechanical construction are the result of extensive new development.

V4BlueRight_1378805275_zoom V4capsulhead


20131004 – Pedal board

While I was in Saskatoon I got the chance to build a pedal board for a friend.  He had 8 pedals “floating” around in his life and it was time to tie them down and power them up.  Without the Voodoo Labs Pedal power this project would have been a nightmare of power bars and wall warts.

2013-10-03 20.32.24We started with a rough layout

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