Consolidating Hard drives


Practicing what I preach. Moving (14) drives into long term storage. Pulled all the backups out of the safety deposite box, and moved their contents move forward onto a 3TB hard drive.

Once it’s all checked for redundancies I will back it up to another drive off site.

For anyone nocking my non-antistatic plastic bags, I assure you they performed perfectly and will the next time I spin them up. Silica and a way for them to breath is fine.

This is client sessions, designs, pictures, documents, notes etc etc dating back to about 2001. I have Client DVD archives at home I don’t plan to move forward as it is mostly damaged and virus ridden from before I went all OSX.

Now I need to find a Hard drive shipping container from a computer store… Anyone?

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Modern Recording


Shared From The Rukkus Room

This is a great illustration of where quality has gone. (and a good drawing of the actual gear helps). We the content creators, and broadcasters care about this long gone thing called fidelity and dynamic range, but we’re at the mercy of Apple right now. The compression is moot with even todays data transfer rates. If you’re releasing a record I must now suggest not making CDs and go right to HiFi uncompressed downloads, or Vinyl (or Both). CDs are just something I rip and shelf, I’d rather have LPs on my shelf and I have limited choices when it comes to portable music and it may as well be a 24bit 96k master. Not holding my breath for a 1bit portable player and 100gb/┬Ás fiber to my door.

modern recording

PS: I don’t take credit for this guys work, I just haven’t figured out how to shut off the watermark on individual pics: my bad