Consolidating Hard drives

Practicing what I preach. Moving (14) drives into long term storage. Pulled all the backups out of the safety deposite box, and moved their contents move forward onto a 3TB hard drive.

Once it’s all checked for redundancies I will back it up to another drive off site.

For anyone nocking my non-antistatic plastic bags, I assure you they performed perfectly and will the next time I spin them up. Silica and a way for them to breath is fine.

This is client sessions, designs, pictures, documents, notes etc etc dating back to about 2001. I have Client DVD archives at home I don’t plan to move forward as it is mostly damaged and virus ridden from before I went all OSX.

Now I need to find a Hard drive shipping container from a computer store… Anyone?

20130126-142941.jpg20121010 - Creative Data

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