Husky Technician box review

It did not last 3 weeks…

do not invest in this product

Both latches broke after putting up with other nonsensical deficiencies.

The inside compartments do not work nicely and are very bulky, the lining in the box takes up a lot of the volume and offers little to no protection. The tool holders in the lid fit only the Husky tools illustrated in the picture. If you take the lid lining out, it adds no volume to the case as it’s a lattice work of low grade PVC.

I think it’s actually made from old Garbage bags

Do not buy this product or any product with similar latches

Zero stars is not an option on the home depot site…

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I’m not a foley artist but…

I’m not a foley artist but I was always told Corn Starch makes the best sounding snow…  Stay out of school kids; they can’t teach creativity, they can only encourage it.


Of you could just youtube anything and some drunk will give you the answers

This sucks – Bias no longer operating

Doing a migration from one computer to another I’ve lost my ability to licence a software a really enjoyed. Bias Peak and Bias Sound Soap. Their licensing server has been shut down and I cannot authorize it. I understand there are downsides to dongle licensing, but in this case I think it would have saved my tool.

I say boo to bias being gone, but boo to a bad licensing system.

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Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 9.27.38 AM