World Stage in AES Standards Webinar Series

This is exciting… I’m presenting in September

In the fourth webinar on September 20, Anthony Kuzub will discuss the new AES72 standard from SC-05-02 for transporting either analog or digital audio over quad twisted pair cable, including documentation of RJ45 connector pin-outs.


Tool post and Holder

Piston Type Tool Post & Tool Holder Sets For 12″ Lathe
Complete with 5 quick change tool holders
Turning and facing: 3/16″ – 1/2″ tool bit
Boring, turning and facing: 7/16″ shank
Heavy duty boring bar: 5/8″ shank
Knurling, turning and facing: 3/16″ – 1/2″ tool bit
Easy tool set up to speed production
Weight: 5.5kg.

Hardinge Lathe 204 frame Motor

Looking to replace the 204 frame motor I watched my favorite teach on the subject

and that pointed me to the plate on the motor I have

Reading deeper into this, this is an OLD style of motor frame. 204 Stopped being used in 1953… Of course, mine is a discontinued motor frame…

Looking more at this I see the 203 and the 204 frames are similar it’s the screw mounting width that is different. I think an adapter plate could work. The only dimension that matter is D and U. U is 3/4″ so the center of the motor must be 5″ from the bottom of the plate. Obviously P must be smaller or equal. Watch out for the boxes that stick off the side for the wiring to enter.


A D of 5″ is no longer a standard. The closest D is 4.5″ that leaves 1/2′ for an adapter plate.

All the newer motors have 7/8 shaft meaning the pully will also need to be changed. The 145T looks interesting… Some shopping:

There is hope.

There are also sexy stainless steel motors….

there are charts for the motor mount brackets:

Arduino Project – Digitally Controlled Analog Surround Sound Panning – Open Source

For your enjoyment:

Digitally Controlled Analog Surround Sound Panning




Circuit Explination:


Presentation documents:

0 – TPJ – Technical Presentation





Project Source Code:

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