The “asymptote of despair”

“if we plot progress versus time it should be pretty much linear.  We are currently right about here  approaching the danger zone between works and done and those two things are not the same we have to be very careful not to get sidetracked at The Works
boundary and end up over here on the Asymptote of Despair where time goes to
infinity and we never quite finish our project”

Neutrik adopts AES72-4E – for QTP

NEUTRIK AES72-4E QTP RJ45 Twisted Pair Audio Network Solutions PDF

06/02/2024 – Neutrik Launches: NA-4I4O-AES72

The NA-4I4O-AES72 is a 4-channel stagebox for transmitting microphone levels, analog line levels, AES3, DMX or even intercom via one single CAT cable. The device has male and female XLRs in the same housing and can be used directly as a splitter for monitoring. An additional etherCON serves as feedthrough and allows further looping of the signals to other devices. A ground lift at each input prevents possible ground loops. In addition, each input connector offers the possibility to invert the signal.

Diacro Bender #4 – Parts needed

#25 – FORMING NOSE = 8130121-701

19 8158111-370 LCKG PIN ASSY “A” (13/16”) 1
20 8000111-370 LCKG PIN ASSY “B” (15/16”) 1
21 8100111-370 LCKG PIN ASSY “C” (1-1/16”) 1
and In another catalog, I see:
#19 – LOCKING PIN ASSEMBLY “A” (3/4”)   = 8158111-370