2003 – HVR – my first commercial studio 10 years ago

So I’ve been digging through some pictures and found These Gems from about 10 years ago…

I was 19 years old and moved into the 3rd floor of 115 2nd Ave North Saskatoon. It was RIGHT downtown saskatoon. It had a conference room in it that had the most amazing sounding vault. It was about 560 sq feet. They build me a room inside of a room.

One of my classrooms, and stepping stones.

Not one good piece of gear in the racks, but damn did I make a lot of records with this stuff. One of my classrooms. The Funniest part is… I think I only kept 7 things in these pictures…

HVR 2003 137

Rough 2

HVR 2003 120

HVR 2003 118

HVR 2003 133

HVR 2003 131

HVR 2003 139

HVR 2003 109

HVR 2003 106

HVR 2003 107

HVR 2003 105

HVR 2003 119

HVR 2003 116

HVR 2003 128

HVR 2003 117

HVR 2003 110

HVR 2003 099

HVR 2003 103

HVR 2003 100

HVR 2003 140

HVR 2003 101

HVR 2003 108

HVR 2003 113

HVR 2003 143

HVR 2003 114

HVR 2003 115

HVR 2003 135

HVR 2003 134

HVR 2003 141

HVR 2003 138

Conference room with old VaultConfrence room

Confrence room (1)

Safe Floor

Safe Ceiling

Safe Ceiling (1)

Safe Door

Safe from inside

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