IMAX- The Next generation of IMAX sound – 12 Channel configuration – and LASER projectors, about time

Imax РThe Next generation of IMAX sound Р 12 Channel configuration Рand LASER projectors, about time!!

Had a fantastic experience with the new IMAX sound system at the AES meeting held at Technicolor.

The “Upper Quad” ceiling speakers really bring it together.IMG_8687

VBAP is going to need some work… and a HUI

I walked away asking: “If it were truly immersive, there would never be idle speakers” ¬†Cory said: “Backgrounds are the first thing to go…” I think those will become crucial.

I also walked away wanting a dozen U87s…

IMG_8678 IMG_8673
Of course you could hear the birds chirping and running away WHILE the rocket was launching…