20131004 – Pedal board

While I was in Saskatoon I got the chance to build a pedal board for a friend.  He had 8 pedals “floating” around in his life and it was time to tie them down and power them up.  Without the Voodoo Labs Pedal power this project would have been a nightmare of power bars and wall warts.

2013-10-03 20.32.24We started with a rough layout

2013-10-03 21.07.08
moved towards adding Velcro
2013-10-03 22.03.42Rough Spacing with the Neutrik Right angle cables

2013-10-04 00.02.44Added some temporary risers to lift the back row up

2013-10-04 00.08.42Did the Dairy Queen Upside down test
2013-10-04 01.29.53
And took it for a test play.  It all worked without a single issue.  2013-10-04 01.30.06Thanks again to James at Voodoo Labs, I cannot praise the Pedal Power 2 Plus high enough!

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