Getting better with the Gorton engraving machine

10 Lessons I’ve learned about engraving by hand:

2 – Flexible material WILL FLEX WHEN CLAMPED!
3 – Start in the middle of the “A”
4 – 1:1 ratios show mistakes 1:1
5 – Don’t try to “go over” a skip
6 – One letter, one pass.
7 – WD 40 on cutting head
8 – stop are just guides, they stop nothing from moving unless there is a lock on the other side\
9 – The first two “setups” are typically throw aways
10 – don’t beat yourself up, the landing gear is down.

I’ve learned my letter set is a little worn down, thus making some skips and pits a little more noticeable (this is where lesson 4 comes into play)… A new set is a little out of my price range for now.
2013-05-14 23.17.57

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