Urge to smash

I recently acquired a new computer and have begun the “Migration” from old to new. I know it’s not a quick process (600+ Gb from machine to machine) but by my math this estimation, using FW800, was WAY OUT. The problem turns out that the computer was going to sleep during this migration!! Why the HELL would it do such a stupid thing? There were no options for sleeping as it’s a fresh install. Shame on Apple.

After three failed attempts, I had to find a solution to me sitting at two idle computers for 8 hours.

(standby for video)

I needed to be able to leave it also… so in an audio Macgyver moment of desperation I turn to my biggest fan. The cable for the Trackball is moved by an oscillating fan. The headphones are on top of an upside down trackball, this and the duct tape give the trackball some weight to push on the keyboard (for computer 1) the movement also pushes a button on a Magic Trackpad (computer 1)

so far attempt number four is going smoothly (knock on wood)


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