Two Notes Torpedo Live – now in a new home!

Finally got it in a rack! Two Notes Torpedo amplifier load box with cabinate / microphone simulation

Jack added a speaker input on the producers desk for easy connection

I said when I first heard about it that “This piece is basically an Iso Booth in one rack space.” and in a small to mid sized studio without a booth or collection of amps it’s a huge asset! Two Notes Endorsement

downside: I wanted to put the line in and line out on the Patchbay in addition to the speaker in and through-put on the panel (everything hooked up all the time). When you have a jack in the “line in” it overrides the speaker “load box”

1 thought on “Two Notes Torpedo Live – now in a new home!

  1. It is quite good…but WAY to expensive due to their extremely limited distribution. We have one here in the US (Alto Music). It is similar to the Barefoot Monitor situation (Vintage King). Once they open the market the price will come down. Until then I will use my ADA Cab Simulator and ReCab 3.1 IR Plug In.

    I almost parted with the cash for it about a year ago, but I just couldn’t justify it.

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